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CDR Trade List of live shows


19780527 Frencham studio demos MC: CURIOSITY , 3m, B+
19781204 Peel session,CDS: Peel session, 13m,  A


19790300 London: Marquee club, LP: GIRLS DON'T CRY, 20m, B
19790601 Carshalton Park festival, MC, 45m, D+
19790614 Exeter, England MC, 45, C- <temporarily unavailable>
19790701 London: The lyceum, CDR, 36m, C
19790824 Reading festival, CDR(16m), B+
19790910 Rotterdam: New Pop Festival LP: GIRLS DON'T CRY, FM, 8m, B
19790926 Oxford, New Theatre, CDR, 30m, C
19791128 Birmingham, University, CDR, 49m, B-
19791212 Amsterdam: Melkweg LP: 10:15 SATURDAY NIGHT, TEN YEARS AGO IT WAS JUST RIGHT, 50m, C+
19791212 Amsterdam: Melkweg CD:IMAGINARY SONGS, 40m, B
19791212 Amsterdam: Melkweg Bonus tracks on koln 98, 23m, A
19791217 Paris: Le Bataclan 2LP, 90m, B


19800415 New York: Hurra's club, CDR, 45, B
19800420 Allston, Underground, CDR(25m), B+
19800511 London, Rainbow, CD, 67m, B-
19800524 Arnhem: Stokvishal CD (Play for today),
19800529 Hamburg, Markthalle, CDR(56m), B-
19800531 Herford Scala, CD (Supergolden radioshows No. 043: Live Brussels 80),74m, B
19800601 Koln, CDR, 50m, C-
19800618 Glasgow City Hall, CDR(59m), B
19800628 Veenendaal: Zomerpop festival, CD:IMAGINARY SONGS, 45, B
19800718 Apeldoorn: Berg en Bos festival, CD: WE HATE ROCK 'N ROLL,22m, B -
19801014 Berlin: Neue Welt, LP: Girls don't cry, 60m,D
19800816 Sydney: Bondy lifesaver, CD, (Supergolden radioshows No. 024), 60m, C+
19800826 Melbourne: Prospect Hill, CD (Live on Prospect Hill),71m, B -
19801003 Stockholm: Rockpalaset, CDR(79m), C+
19801017 Amsterdam: Jaap Edenhal, CD:WE HATE ROCK 'N ROLL, 25m, B
19801017 Amsterdam: Jaap Edenhal, Dutch FM (Countdown), 20m, B
19801017 Amsterdam: Jaap Edenhal, 15m, B
19801017 Amsterdam: Jaap Edenhal, CD: One more holy hour, 15m, B
19801033 Brussel: Ancienne Belgique, MC, 90, C-
19801022 Rennes: L'espace, CDR, C -
19801117 London, Dominion, CDR(60m), B
19801118 Cardiff: University, CDR(60m), B


19810418 Aylesbury, Friars Club, CDR(36m), C-
19810429 Chelmsford Odeon, 2CDR(44+41m), C+*
19810501 Plymouth Polytechnics , 2CDR(44+44m), C+*
19810514 Glasgow: Tiffany's, CD(43m), C-
*19810516 Edinburgh: Odeon, CDR, C+
19810610 Tuebingen: Mensamongenstern, 2CDR(+m), B+,
19810611 Karlsruhe, Gartenhalle, MC, 90, C+
19810612 Wiesbaden, Wartburg, MC, 90+45, C
19810618 Dusseldorf: Philippshalle, 2CDR(45+37m), B
19810623 Arnhem,  2CDR, (45+40m), A-
19810625 Den Bosch, Zuiderpark, 2CDR (46+46m), B- (Holy hour missing)
19810625 Den Bosch, Zuiderpark, CDR (40m), A- Radioshow,
19810627 Rotterdam: Het park, 2CDR(45+35m), B+
19810704 Rock Torhout, CDR(71m), C
19810705 Rock Werchter, CDR, C -
19810727 Los Angeles: The Whiskey a go-go, CDR: LIVE AT THE WHISKEY A GO-GO, A-
19810728 San Francisco: I-Beam, 2CDR, C+
19810817 Sydney Capitol, 2CDR(41+74m), A -
19810829 Wellington, Winnepeg, CDR, 74, B-
19810830 Toronto, Concert Hall, 2CDR, 81, C
19811002 Le Mans, L'Empire, CDR(75m), C
19811007 Bordeaux, Salle du Grand Parc, 2CDR (), B
19811012 Lille: Palais St Sauveur, 2CD(Accuracy), 85m, C -
*19811012 Lille: Palais St Sauveur, 2CDR, A-
19811017 Metz: Salle Europa, 2CDR(83m), B-
19811019 Paris: Olympia, 2CDR(90m), B- bit distorted
19811127 Glasgow, Pavillion, 2CDR(89m), A-
19811130 Coventry, Apollo, MC, 90, C
19811201 Brighton: The Dome, 2CDR, 90m, B
19811203 London, Hammersmith Odeon, 2CDR, (46+46m) A


19820410 Bourges, Printemps de Bourges, 2CDR(45+39m), C
19820418 Plymouth: Top ranking skating bowl MC,90, D
19820421 Sussex: Brighton Dome, 2CDR, C+
19820425 Glasgow: Pavillion, 2CDR(43+44m), B+
19820426 Edinburgh: playhouse, 2CDR, (45+40m) C -

19820427 Manchester: Apollo: 2x7": THE HANGING GARDEN, 10m, A
19820427 Manchester: Apollo, 2CDR(43+42m), B
19820501 London, Hammersmith Odeon, 2CDR , (44+39m), B
19820505 Rotterdam: De Doelen, 2CDR(68+43m), A
19820506 Amsterdam: Carré, 2CDR (120m), B-
19820511 Liege, Salle Omnisports Grivegner, 2CDR,43+39m), B
19820517 Berlin: Metropol, 2CDR(45+45m), C-
19820520 Dusseldorf: Philippshalle, CDR(80m), C-
19820521 Neu Issenberg: Hugenotenhalle, 2CD, B
19820527 Strassbourg, Halle Tivoli, CDR (80m), B*
19820603 Montpellier Palais des Sports, 2CDR(43+58m), C extreme "heavy sound"
19820605 Lyon: Palais d'hiver, 2CDR (from 2LP: PORNOGRAPHY TOUR), (45+49m) C-*
19820607 Paris: Olympia, 2CD (M),88m, C+
19820607 Paris: Olympia,CD (Pornography tour 1982),73m, C+
19820611 Bruxelles Ancienne Belgique, 2CDR(47+47m), C-


19830327 Bournemouth: Midnight Express, 2CDR (46+43m), B
19830728 Bath: Moles club, 2CDR (45+44m), B-
19830730 St Germains: Elephant Fayre Festival, CDR, 90, B
19830804 New York, The Ritz, CDR(78m), B+
19830805 New York, The Ritz, 2CDR(43+44m), C+
19830813 Saint-Jacus-les-Pins, Festival, 2CDR(46+45m) , B-


19830425 Newcastle City Hall, 2CDR(73+19m), B
19840430 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall , 2CDR(55+31m), C
19840502 Manchester, Apollo, CDR(74m), B*
19840504 Bristol, Colston Hall, 2CDR(46+42m), B+
19840506 Portsmouth: Guildhall, 2CDR, (75+35m), B -*
*19840506 Portsmouth: Guildhall, 2CDR, B -
19840508 London: Hammersmith Odeon, 2CDR, (50+50m), B,
19840509 London: Hammersmith Odeon, MC, 110m, B
19840513 Bruxelles, Ancienne Belgique, 2CDR(41+53m), B
19840515 Paris: Zenith, 2CDR, 100, B-
*19840521 Milan: Rolling Stone, CDR, C
19840530 Den Bosch: Maaspoort CD (Forever), 70m, B-
19840530 Den Bosch: Maaspoort, KRO RADIOSHOW, 90m, B -
19840830 Amsterdam, Jaap Eden Hal, 2CDR(+m),
19840930 Wellington, New Zealand, CDR,70m,  B+
19841002 Auckland Logan Campbell Center , 2CDR(44+43m), C
19841016 Tokyo: Nakano Sun Plazza Hall, 2CDR(45+47m)
19841017 Tokyo: Nakano Sun Plazza Hall, CDR, A-
19841023 Seattle: The Paramount Theater, CDR(68m), B
19841102 Austin, TX, Opera House, CDR, B+
19841103 Dallas, Arcadia Theatre, CDR, B-
19841110 Ann Arbor, 2CDR(67+23m), B+/A-
19841115 Washington DC, 2CDR (cold),A


*19850625 Roskilde festival: Denmark, CDR, B-
19850717 Rome: Theatro tenta, CDR, 45m, C+
19850723 Nyon: Paleo festival, CDR(59m), B
19850803 Turku, Ruisrockfestival, Finland, 2CDR(40+45m),B
19850916 Whitley Bay Ice Rink, 2CDR, (40+43m), C+
19850922 Edinburgh Playhouse, 2CDR(71+35m), A
19851012 Irvine, Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre ,2CDR(+m),
19851126 Brussels, Forest National, 2CDR(45+58m), B+
19851127 Rotterdam: Ahoy, 2CDR(43+43m), B-*
19851202 Berlin: Eissporthalle, 2CDR(45+44m) 2LP: CUREAIDS, C
19851203 Hamburg: Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, 2CDR(54+48m), A-
19851204 Offenbach, Stadthalle, CDR(65m), B
19851205 Ludwigshafen: Friedrich Albert Halle, CD (Kyoto Songs),61m, B -
19851218 Paris, Bercy, CDR, 48m, B+


*19860425 London: Royal Albert Hall, MC, 90m, C
19860519 Geleen: Pinkpop Festival, 2CDR(43+45m), B
19860614 Nurburgring: Rock am Ring, CDR, 75m, B
*19860621 Glastonbury festival, LP: BBC TRANSCRIPTION DISC, 60m, A
19860720 Houston: The Southern star amphitheater 2CD, B(Mad Bob and the screwtones), 102m , B+
19860804 Dax, Les Arenes, 2CDR(56+58m), B+
19860808 Frejus, les Arenes, 2CDR( 55+40m), B
19860809 Orange: Theatre Antique, 2CDR, A


19870317 Buenos Aires, 2CDR(57+54m), B
19870713 Santa Barbara: Country Bowl, CD (Haunted House),75m, B+
*19870710 Seattle: Center Arena, MC, 90+ 45m, C+
19870717 San Diego Sports Arena, 2CDR(58+52m), B
19870806 Philadelphia Spectrum Showcase, 2CDR(72+40m), B-*
19870810 New York, Madison Square garden, 2CDR(64+50m), C+
19871025 Hamburg Sporthalle, 2CDR(73+41m), C -
19871028 Koln Sporthalle , 2CDR(66+56m), A-
*19871030 Bremen: Stadthalle, MC,90, C+
19871101 Brussel: Forest National, 2CD (The kissing tour '87),95m, C
19871105 Rotterdam: Ahoy, 2CDR(70+71m), B
19871106 Dusseldorf, Philipshalle, 2CDR(50+50m),C+
19871111 Paris, Bercy, 2CDR(60+65m), C+
19871112 Paris, Bercy, 2CDR(64+63m), B
19871116 Montpellier, Zenith, 3CDR(38+38+43m), B
19871127 Rome: Le Paleur, 2CDR (68+69m), B+
*19871207 Birmingham: NEC, CD:STAINED GLASS SMILE, 27m, A-
*19871207 Birmingham: NEC, CD:DIFFICULT TO CURE,
**19871207 London: Wembley Arena,MC, 90+60, B
19871208 London: Wembley Arena, 3CDR,
19871209 London: Wembley Arena, 2CDR, (74+74m), B


*19890501 Roskilde: Orange stage, Roskilde Festival, 15m, C+ SNDCHK
*19890501 Roskilde: Orangestage, Roskilde Festival, MC, 90+45, C+
*19890502 Stockholm: Isstadion, 2CDR C+
19890503 Oslo, Drammenhalle, 2CDR(66+69m), B-
19890505 Hamburg: Sporthalle, 2CDR (74+67m), C
19890506 Heerenveen: Thialf, 2CDR(74+72m), B+
19890507 Bremen: Stadthalle, 2CDR(73+70m), C+
19890508 Hannover: Eilenderichalle, 2CDR(74+59m), B
19890510 Brussels: Vorst National, 2CDR(78+70m), B
*19890511 Essen: Grugahalle, B-incomplete show + a bit distorted
*19890511 Essen: Grugahalle, C+,
*19890513 Lorelei: Bizarrefestival, LP, 50m, B-
*19890513 Lorelei: Bizarrefestival,
*19890514 Frankfurt: Festhalle, , B-
*19890514 Frankfurt: Festhalle, ,
*19890518 Stuttgart: Martin schleyerhalle,(homesick missing)
*19890518 Stuttgart: Martin schleyerhalle,LP: FASCINATION STREET, 60m, C+
19890518 Stuttgart: Martin schleyerhalle, 2CDR: Stuttgart closes down (LP source),B, 110m, B- comment: incomplete (homesick/untitled/faith missing)
19890519 Munchen, Olympiahalle, 2CDR(76+74m), C
19890520 Konstanz: Rock am See festival, 2CDR(77+73m), B
19890521 Zurich, Hallenstadion, 2CDR(79+79m), B
19890524 Ljubliana, Tivoli Hall, Slovenia, 2CDR(75+74m)
19890525 Vienna: Viener Stadthalle, 2CDR(76+78m), B
19890526 Budapest: Kissstadion, 2CDR(75+63m), B-
19890530 Athens AEK Stadium ,2CDR(41+48m), B- Incomplete show
19890602 Bari, Stadio Del Levante, 2CDR(77+67m) B
19890603 Naples: Stadiosimonetta lamberti, 2CDR(66+67m), B-
19890604 Rome: ThePaleur, 2CDR(72+72m), B-*
19890606 Firenze, Stadio Prato, 2CDR(66+73m), B
19890607 Padova Plebiscito Stadium, CDR(80m), D
19890608 Milan: Arena Civica, 2CDR(67+67m), B
19890609 Torino: Palasport 2CD (Hot hot hot!!!), 136m, B
*19890611 Lausanne: Patinoire De Malley, B
*19890612 Colmar: Theatre du Parc des Expos, MC, 2x90, B (faith missing)
19890612 Colmar: Theatredu Parc des Expos, 2CDR(79+78m), B-
19890613 Lyon: Palaisdes Sports, 3CDR(55+59+49m), B+
19890614 Grenoble, Summun, 3CDR(53+65+43m), B-
*19890616 Frejus: LesArenes, SNDCHK, 45
19890616 Frejus: Les Arenes, 2CDR(79+76m), C+
*19890617 Arles: Les Arenes,MC, 2x90, C+,faith is cut, tape is a bit sped up i guess
*19890617 Arles: Les Arenes,MC, 2x90, C+ faith iscut,
19890621 Barcelona Velodromo Municipal, 3CDR(65+58+32m), B
*19890628 Lisboa, Estadio Jose Alvalade , MC, 2x90, B-
*19890630 Madrid: Rockodromo,MC, 2x90, B+
19890630 Madrid: Rockodromo, 3CDR, (71+71+23m), B
19890703 Bordeaux: Patinoire de Meriadeck, 2CDR(67+69m) B-
19890704 Nantes: Palais de la beauhoire, 2CDR(+m), C
19890705 Brest: Halle Penfeld, 2CDR(68+72m), B
19890707 Caen: Parc des expositions, 2CDR(67+70m), B
19890708 Paris: Bercy, 2CDR(75+70m), B+,
19890709 Paris: Bercy 2CD (High Tops 'n hairspray),78+70m, B-
19890711 Reims, Parc des Expositions, 2CDR(58+53m), B- , short show because Robert was ill
19890715 Dublin, RDS Simonscourt, 2CDR, (77+74m), B-
19890716 Dublin, RDS Simonscourt, 2CDR(66+61m), B
19890718 Glasgow, SEC, 2CDR(62+58m), B- plainsong incomplete, pictures is cut in middle
*19890720 Birmingham: NEC, B,First couple of minutes (till halfway plainsong) bad sound
19890721 Birmingham: NEC, 3CDR(55+60+54m), B (a bit hissy)
19890722 London: Wembley Arena, 3CDR(57+59+60m), A-
19890723 London: Wembley Arena, 3CDR(57+59+60m), A-
19890724 London: Wembley Arena, 3CDR(66+60+70m), B+*

19890820 East Rutherford, NJ, Giantsa Stadium, 2CDR(67+68m),
19890822 Landover, Md. Capitol centre, 2CDR(70+63m), B*
19890822 Washington Capitol Center , B
19890823 Philadelphia Spectrum, 2CDR(65+65m), D+ recorded too loud
19890825 Montreal, Forum, 2CDR(66+74m), B
19890826 Ottawa Fair, 2CDR(71+39m), B-/C+
*19890828 Toronto CNE , MC, 90+60, B,
19890829 Cleveland Richfield Coliseum, 2CDR(72+58m), B**
19890830 Detroit, Auburn Hills Palace, 2CDR(79+56m) plainsong missing, pictures partial
*19890831 Chicago Rosemont Horizon , MC, 90+60,C
19890901 Chicago, Il, rosemont Horizon, 2CDR(66+66m), B
19890904 Denver, Co, Fiddler's Green, 2CDR(65+37m), B-* incomplete show
19890909 Oakland, CA, Oakland Coliseum, 2cDR(66+79m)
19890910 San Francisco: Mountain view shoreline amphitheater, 2CD (Parched corn), 142m, B
19890912 San Diego, Ca. Sportsarena, 2CDR(70+68m), B+*
19890913 Phoenix Compton Terrace , 2CDR(77+47m), D+
*19890915 Dallas Starplex Amphitheatre, MC, 2x90, C
*19890916 Houston The Summit , MC, 2x90, C+
*19890917 New Orleans Lakefront Arena, MC, 2x90, B-
19890923 Mansfield: Great Woods, 3CDR(52+54+56m), B-*


19900621 Paris La Republique , 2CD, (67+47m), B-
19906023 Glastonbury festival 2CDR (Never Enough), 110m, A
19900623 Glastonbury festival, CD (Europe 1990), 55m, A
19900730 Roskilde festival, 2CDR(48+51m) (From 2LP: DRESSED UP AGAIN) , B
19900706 Leysin rock festival, 2CD (Darkmen), 102m, A
19900708 Rock Werchter, 2CDR(78+77m), C+
19900708 Rock Werchter, CD (close to you),B, 70m, B
19900803 Praha: Sportovni, 2CDR(70+70m) B-
19900804 Leipzig: Festwiese, 2CDR(67+57m), A* radioshow
19900811 London: Crystal palace, 2CDR: Live at Crystal Palace 1990, 144m, B-


19910117 London: Town & Country club II, CD (London &lsquo;91),68m, C
19910119 London: Wembley arena, CD (Just like heaven), 74m, B


19920424 Glasgow Barrowlands, 2CDR(80+56m), A
19920426 Liverpool Royal Court Theatre , 2CDR(72+50m) A*
19920427 Nottingham: Rock city, 2CD, (a wish comes true), 137m, C
19920430 Portsmouth: Guildhall, 2CDR(72+65m), B-
19920503 London: Kilburns national ballroom,  2CD (And dreams come true in92), B,141m, C+
19920503 London: Kilburns national ballroom, CD (Lullaby),67m, B+

19920514 Providence, B
19920602 Orlando: Arena, 2CD: BITE THE BIG APPLE (LAST BIT) ,49m, B- 19920603 Miami: Arena, 2CDR(57+50m), A-
19920604 Miami: Arena, 2CD: THE LAUGHING SOUP DISH , 4m, C
19920605 St petersburg: Tampa suncoast dome, 2CD: THE LAUGHING SOUP DISH , 8m, C
19920608 New orleans: Uno lakefront arena, 2CD: THE LAUGHING SOUP DISH , 10m, C
19920609 Houston: Woodlands Pavilion 2CD (Bite the big apple),C
19920616 Monterrey, Mexico, 2CDR(71+55m) Radioshow, A (songs are interrupted by radio-jingles, very annoying)
19920701 Seattle: Coliseum 2CD(From the edge of the great Northwest),123m, C-
19920711 St Louis: Riverport amphitheatre, 2CD(USA 1992), 136m, B
19920713 Minneapolis: Target center 2CD(74/80) (The laughing soup dish), 143m, C
*19920718+19 Detroit: auburn hills place, VI + CDI: SHOW, 120m, A CD version misses the last five tracks
*19920723 NY: Nassau Colliseum, C+

19920928 Kobenhavn Vallyhallen , 2CDR(70+62m), A-
19921001 Rotterdam: Ahoy, 2CDR(+m), B
19921002 Rotterdam: Ahoy, 2CDR(71+63m), B
*19921006 Hamburg, Sporthalle, B+
19921012 Munchen: Olympiahalle, 2CD (Invitation), 130m, C+
19921019 Paris: Le Zenith, 2CDR, (70+73), B+
19921020 Paris: Le Zenith, 2CDR, 137m, B+
19921021 Paris: Le Zenith, 2CDR, (67+68m) A -
19921123 Manchester: G-MEX, 2CDR(73+72m), A
19921124 Manchester: G-MEX, 2CDR(72+74m), A-
19921126 London: Olympia, 2CDR(73+80m), B-
19921127 London: Olympia, 3CDR(48+48+55m), B-*
19921128 London: Olympia, 2CDR(69+69m), B *
19921130 London: Olympia, 2CDR (73+72m), B
19921203 Dublin: Point Dupot, 3CDR(66+71+60m), B*



19950610 Milano: Sonoria festival, 2CD (The Return),103m, B
19950625 Glastonbury festival CD (Live at Glastonbury '95),72m, A
*19950701 Rock Torhout,
19950702 Rock Werchter, CD (It's nothing left but this),72m, D+
19950702 Rock Werchter: 2CDR(53+44m), B-
*19950707 Les Eurockeennes de Belfort, C-
19950709 Lisbon: Suber Bock Super Rock, 2CDR, 135m, A-
19950714 Bern: Gurten festival, 2CDR, (63+63m), A*
19950714 Bern: Gurten festival, 1CDR, 60m, Radioshow, A


19960127 Rio de Janeiro: festival, 2CD (Cure Carnival), 75+68) C+

19960506 Paris, Opera Bastille,CD, 74m(48m+interview+bonus tracks), B-
19960512 New York: Modern Rock Live, 2CDR(46+51m)(radioshow) , A-

19960531 London: Earls court olympia, 2CDR(72+73m), A
19960601 London: Earls court olympia, 2CDR(78+76m), A

19960718 Columbus, Polaris Amphitheater, 2CDR, (73+53m), A
19960730 Eugene, Hult Center Symphony Hall, 3CDR(59_55+44m), B
19960731 Portland: Arlene Schnitzer Hall, 2CDR, (70+73m) , B -*
19960801 Vancouver: Queen Elisabeth Theatre, CD (Queen Elisabeth parade),75m, A-
19960805 San Jose, Arena, 3CDR(71+68+24m), A-
19960806 Sacremento, Cal Expo amphitheatre, 3CDR(61+51+50m), B+
19960811 Los Angeles, The forum, B+
19960817 Irvine, Irvine Meadows, 3CDR(74+62+29m), A-
19960915 Hartford, Meadows Music Theater, 3CDR(72+47+38m), B

19961012 Rotterdam, Ahoy, 3CDR, (70+68+36 m) , B
19961014 Orleans, Zenith, 3CDR(71+69+21m), A*
19961015 Paris, 2CDR (Strange), (76+74m) , A
19961023 Milano, 2CD (Swinging Crowds), 153m, C+
*19961026 Lyon: Halle Tony garnier, B+
19961030 Barcelona: Palau d'Esports, 2CDR (70+74m), A*
19961105 Rennes: Omnisport, 2CDR, A -
19961109 Gent: Flanders EXPO, 2CDR(71+76m), B
19961113 Berlin: Deutschlandhalle, 2CDR, (75+72m), B
19961113 Berlin: Deutschlandhalle, CD: STRANGE ATTRACTION, 12m, B-
19961115 Katowice: Spodek Hall, MC, 2x90, B
19961116 Vienna, Stadhalle, 2CDR(64+58m), B
19961120 Leipzig: messehalle 7,CD: STRANGE ATTRACTION, 24m, C+
19961123 Hamburg,Sporthalle, 2CDR, (72+74m), B+
19961124 Kiel: Ostseehalle, 2CDR, (74+74m), B
19961125 Grugahalle, Essen Germany, 2CDR(57+57+59m), A-* (lot of skips)
19961126 Hanau: Stadhalle, 3CDR(72+69+30m)
19961130 Stockholm: Hovet, 2CDR(74+71m), A-
19961213 Sheffield: Arena, CDS: FIVE SWING LIVE, 4m, A
19961214 Manchester: Arena, CDS: FIVE SWING LIVE,5m, A
*19961214 Manchester: Arena, B
19961216 Birmingham: NEC, CDS: FIVE SWING LIVE, 14m, A


19970613 BFD Festival, Mountain View, Shoreline Amphitheater, 2CDR(Reapparition) (67+68m) Plus bonus tracks. Radioshow
19970614 Irvine: KROQ Weenie Roast, 2CDR(43+60m), radioshow, B
19971031 New york city: Halloween, CDR (Galore), F/B, 70m, B
19971130 Virginia: Fairfax Patriot center, 2CDR, 85m, A- , radioshow
*19971207 Dallas, TX, Bronco Bowl,90, A
19971210 Seattle: Mercer Arena, 2CDR, (50+49m), A*
19971210 Seattle: Mercer Arena, 2CDR, (59+m), A
19971211 Chicago: United Center, 2CDR(54+55m), B+
19971216 London, Shepherds Bush Empire, B-
19971217 London: Shepherds Bush Empire, CDR ,59m, A


19980718 Zeebrugge: Axion Beach Rock Festival, 2CDR(44+55m), B
19980719 Wiesen, Forestglade festival, 2CDR(72+44m), A
19980723 Nimes: LesArènes, 2CDR, (60+47m), A-*
*19980725 Lyon: Festival des fourvieres, CDR, B - 19980807 Odemira sudoest festval (No sudoeste Odemira), incomplete show, 1CDR, A
*19980807 Odemira sudoest festival, 2CDR
19980814 Dresden: Junge Garde, 2CDR, (64+68m), B-
19980815 Hildesheim, Zillo open air Festival, 2CDR(49+42m), B+
19980822 Bizarre Festival, Köln, CDR(53m) (radioshow) , A
19980823 Brno: Sun Festival 1998, 2CDR, (69+64m), A-


19991019 New York, Hard rock Live taping+ Conan o Brien, 45m, CDR, A*, strange noises between tracks


20000201 Hamburg: Markthalle,  2CDR (made from audiotapes), B+, (55+55m)
20000201 Hamburg: Markthalle,  2CDR (NDR2 Radioshow), A, (55+55m)
20000203 Brussels: Ancienne Belgique, , A, radioshow
20000203 Brussels: Ancienne Belgique, , A-,
20000207 Paris, Arche de la defense, 2CDR, (62+51m), B+
20000209 London, Astoria, 2CDR(67+41m), 108m, A-,
20000219 Los Angeles, The Palace, 114m ,2CDR, A (KROQ radioshow)
20000221 Dallas, Deep Ellum Live, 115m, 2CDR(56+60m), B,
20000223 Atlanta, The Roxy , 124m, 2CDR(63+62m), A,
20000225 Chicago, Vic Theatre, 112m, 2CDR(63+49m), A,
20000228 New York, Roseland Ballroom, 2CDR (71+42m), B- *

20000327 Madrid, La Riviera, 3CDR(60+69+35m), A
20000328 Madrid, La Riviera, 3CDR(61+55+37m), A-*
20000329 Zaragoza, Sala Multiusos - Auditorio Zaragoza, 2CDR, (75+66m),C
20000331 Valencia, Veledromo Luis Puig, 2CDR(77+79m), A-
20000401 Barcelona, Sports Palace, (74+74m), 2CDR, B+
20000403 Toulouse, Le zenith, (70+72+26m), 3CDR, B
20000405 Grenoble,Summum, (66+64+38m), 3CDR, A-
20000407 Zurich, Hallenstadion, 3CDR(64+48+45m), A-*
20000408 Stuttgart, Schleyerhalle, 2CDR(80+80m)
20000409 München, Olympiahalle, (61+57+54m), 3CDR, A-
20000411 Vienna, Libro Hall, (60+60+40m), 3CDR, A
20000412 Prague, Paegas Arena, (68+65+29m), 3CDR, A-*
20000414 Lodz, Sportova, 3CDR(61+56+51m), A
20000416 Berlin, Arena, 3CDR(67+42+58m), A-*
20000419 Rotterdam, Ahoy, 2CDR, (77+77m) A-
20000420 Lille, Zenith, (71+40+53m), 3CDR, A-*
20000422 London, Wembley Arena, (67+44+60m), 3CDR, A-*
20000425 Paris, Zenith, (72+42+54m), 3CDR, A
20000426 Paris, Zenith,  3CDR (62+48+46m), A*
20000428 Oberhausen, Arena, 2CDR (2x56m), A, (radioshow part 1+2)
20000430 Strassbourg, Le Rhenus - Parc des Expositions, (65+43+74m), 3CDR, A
20000502 Marseille, Le Dome, (53+55+54m), 3CDR, B+
20000504 Milano, Fila Forum, 3CDR(72+69+29m), B+*
20000506 Firenze(Florence), Palasport, (73+62+28m), 3CDR, A-

20000518 Atlanta, Lakewood Amphitheatre, 3CDR(70+69+26m), 3CDR, A*
20000523 New Orleans, La. ,Saenger Theatre, 3CDR(54+55+56m), A
20000525.05.2000 Dallas, Starplex Amphitheater, 3CDR (73+59+25m), 3CDR, A
20000527 Las Vegas, The Joint, (48+46+59m), 3CDR, A
20000528 Irvine, Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre (53+51+53m), 3CDR, A-
20000530 Los Angeles, Greek theatre, 3CDR, (69+61+39m), B
20000531 Los Angeles, Greek theatre, (72+72+17m), 3CDR, B+
20000601 San Diego, SDSU Open Air Theatre 3CDR(57+51+48m), B*
20000602 Mountain View, Shoreline Amphitheatre, 3CDR(++m), B
20000604 Salt lake city, The E center, 3CDR(68+64+30m). A
20000605 Denver, Co. ,Fiddler's Green Amphitheater, 3CDR(62+57+47m), A
20000607 St Louis, Riverport Amphitheatre, 2CDR(74+78m), B-*
20000609 Chicago: New World Music Theatre, 3CDR (72+70+30m), B-
20000610 Detroit, Pine Knob Amphitheatre, 3CDR( 65+43+50m), B+
20000614 Mansfield, Tweeter center, 3CDR (63+59+40m), A
20000616 Holmdel, PNC Centre, 3CDR (71+31+61m), A
20000617 Columbia, Merriweather Post Pavillion, 2CDR(73+71m), C *
20000620 Long Island, Jones Beach, 3CDR( 57+51+57m), A-*

20000702 Werchter Festival, 2CDR, (68+42m) A-
20000702 Werchter Festival, 52m, CDR, A (radioshows)



20021109 Hamburg, 3CDR, () B+
20021111+12 Berlin, Tempodrom, 2DVD, A+









Compilations (Live and other)

CD/CDR Boottitle,  Length in Minutes, Rating (A-E)

CD StrangeAttraction (The rarest tracks of '96), 68m, B-
Gone (TV studio London May'96)
Three imaginary boys/let's go to bed/shiver and shake/pictures of you (Brazil '96)
Plainsong/return/catch/prayers for rain/grinding halt/play for today (Leipzig 13/11/96)
The blood/lovesong/Hot Hot Hot!!! (Berlin 12/11/96)
Strange attraction (London7/5/96)

CD Earlysymptoms, the demotapes, 77m, B-C
save the children/meathook/pillbox tales/i just need myself/i want to be old/boys don't cry/pillbox tales/world war/do the hansa/accuracy/subway song/plastic passion/grinding halt/desperate journalist/jumping someone else's train/into the trees/a forest/seventeen seconds/play for today/M/a forest/the figurehead

CD: Whathappened behind the door?, 67m, B-C
one hundred years/forever/ariel/the figurehead/cold colours/siamese twins/inbetween days/close to me/kyotosong/the baby screams/sinking (peel sessions and studio sessions)
to the sky (unreleased)
just like heaven/the caterpillar/theblood (unplugged 1991)

CD: We hateRock 'n Roll,76m, C
Jaap Edenhal Amsterdam 17/10/80: I hate rock n roll/the holy hour/play for today/primary/M/a forest/seventeen seconds
Apeldoorn 18/7/80: In your house/M/jumping someone else's train/a forest/play for today
Veenendaal, summerpop28/6/80: three imaginary boys/fire in cairo/10:15 saturday night/at night/grinding halt
Milky Way, Amsterdam1/12/79: another journey by train/killing an Arab/subway song/boys don't cry

CD: 17 Boyshave faith in pornography (BBC peel sessions 1979-1982),65m, C
grinding halt/accuracy/subway song/plastic passion/play for today/a forest/M/seventeen seconds/the holy hour/primary/all cats are grey/forever/siamese twins/one hundred years/the figurehead/cold colours

CD: StainedGlass Smile,74m, A
London,Camden Palace 19/11/85:the baby screams/primary/inbetween days/close to me/let's go to bed/thewalk/charlotte sometimes/boys don't cry
Albert Hall  25/04/86:a strange day/a night like this/a forest/charlotte sometimes
NEC, Birmingham 6/12/87:torture/a japanese dream/catch/inbetween days/the perfect girl/the snakepit/whycan't i be you?

CD UltraRARE Trax, 68m
Friday i'm in love/why can'ti be you (1992), a short term effect (paris 82), faith (orange), M (london 3/5/92), push (orange) /screw(85/86), fire in Cairo(Lille  1981),boys don't cry (london 3/5/92), never enough(london 3/5/92), grinding halt(Lille 81??), all i had to do is kill her(cut)(paris 82), lullaby (3/5/92), doing the unstuck (3/5/92), a forest (werchter 81 fuck RP version)

CD: Radiofirst transmission (radioshows 1979-1981), 80m, A-,
24/08/79, Reading Festival(tracks 1-6), 15/11/79, Paris, Théatre De L'Empire (tracks 7-9),14/06/80, Rethel Festival (10-15), 25/06/81, Den Bosch, Zuiderpark (tracks16-19)
foxy lady/plastic passion/3imaginary boys/boys don't cry/fire in Cairo/killing an Arab/a forest/3 imaginary boys/killing an Arab/play for today/fire in Cairo/10.15 saturday night/jumping someone else's train/another journey by train/a forest/primary/3 imaginary boys/a forest/faith

CD: Torture(live tracks from 1985 & 1987 London 85 and Birmingham 87), A-
Torture/a strange day/a japanesedream/catch/if only tonight we can sleep/like cockatoos/the walk/push/screw/aforest/sinking/close to me/charlottes sometimes