16.02.2005 Berlin, Velodrom

My Berlin pictures

Plainsong/Prayers For Rain/alt.end/Please Project/A Night Like This/The Walk/The End of the World/Lovesong/To Wish Impossible Things/Pictures of You/Lullaby/From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea/The Drowning Man/Push/Just Like Heaven/Primary/A Boy I Never Knew/If Only Tonight We Could Sleep/The Kiss/Never Enough/Wrong Number/One Hundred Years/Disintegration At Night/M/Play For Today/A Forest/Lovecats/Let's Go To Bed/Freak Show/Close To Me/Why Can't I Be You/Three Imaginary Boys/Fire In Cairo/Boys Don't Cry/ Jumping Someone Else's Train/Grinding Halt/10:15 Saturday Night/Killing An Arab