September 97 belgium
Rasputina is a trio of cellists who favor victorian corsetry and underwear for their stage attire, and who write music that is every bit as entertaining and eccentric as
their appearance. This music could be described as victorian gothic with a sense of humor. The title of their newly released single, 'Transylvanian Concubine' explains
a lot about where these women are coming from. 
In addition to the music, Rasputina's show is highlighted by surrealistic between song stories and observations by band-leader Melora Creager.
While well worth investigating, Rasputina's debut CD 'Thanks for the Ether' is a quirky affair, which to some fails to live up to the band's musical potential. I happen
to think Rasputina's CD is delightful, but I was fortunate to be introduced to their music through their live performance; certainly the best way to enter their bizarre
(For a wonderfully realized collection of contemporary instrumental pieces for cello, look for 'Songs For Egon Schiele' by The Rachels.) 
Headliners The Cranes performed music from their latest CD, straying from the whispy sound they are best known for to adopt a loud U2-like sound which was
ultimately neither impressive nor exciting.

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